The best way to sustain a profitable service business is with ongoing relationships. Having loyal customers is as valuable tousas having a reliable contractor is to you

.Nothing is more helpful to our business than a thoughtful recommendation — whether its by word-of-mouth or online — from a client.

So we strive to consistently provide the best value we can. There’s the obvious parts of this, like quality, punctuality, and charging a fair price.

Levi S: The crew does an excellent job of making sure things are done right, and leaves a beautiful finish. Very knowledgeable, professional, reasonably priced, and easy to work with.

Thanks, Levi.

Providing value to our customers is a simple proposition. It’s just attention to detail, using quality materials, and putting in a good day’s hard work. And it’s rewarding to know when our customers have noticed the things we work hard to do for them.

Mike Pahl: “Fast, efficient, and very easy to work with. I recommend them to anyone! They did a great job and are always responsive.”

Brian Gaudreau: “Jack and his crew were on time, professional, and exceeded our expectations in every way. In my opinion they went above and beyond what my wife and I had expected. I truly great experience. Thank you!”

Thank you for the work, Mike and Brian.

We want to give our clients more than just quality work, though. There’s the whole experience to think about, from the customer’s perspective. Our crews do their best to overlook nothing, and are always respectful toward you and your property.

Gerald LaBau: “Did an awesome job sealing our 25 year old 2 story log home. The work was done while we were away on vacation and if wasn’t for the shiny new exterior we wouldn’t have known they were even there. Completely cleaned up left no footprint behind. Will definitely hire them back and recommend to others. The house looks great!”

Sandy Daly: “I own a triplex on Nicollet Island and Cedar Tone Painting did an incredible job at a great price. The team was so professional, efficient and respectful. Thank you, Justin and Jordan for your hard work, skill and great sense of humor. I highly recommend this company! My house looks so beautiful!”

Glad you guys are satisfied. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience! And finally, here’s another special thank you to all of you who have put us to work on multiple occasions. Your loyalty is something we’ve worked hard for.

Jeff Schopttmuller: “I have been doing business with Garrett at Cedar Tone Painting for the last couple of years. Quality work for a fair price.”

Dave Knecht: “We hired Cedar Tone for exterior, deck, and interior painting for an older home we were renovating. We asked them to come back for some detail work and clean up… and they did. Afterwards we hired them to repaint exterior on another house and deck on another. We were happy with the work, and found them to be punctual, professional, and responsive.”

We’ve noticed every review our customers have left us, and appreciate them all. Sadly, we can’t include them all in the scope of this blog. We’ll just include one last one. The rest of the reviews can be seen on Google, here

Brendan Dolan: “Why 5 stars: 3 Stars is my baseline for doing a fine job on time at the agreed upon price. These guys did that and:

+1 for a more thorough surface prep (compared to previous company) which led to better results

+1 easier than expected e-mail communication

+1 for price being at the low end of the range of estimates I collected through home advisor.

What? That’s 6 and Google only goes to 5? Well, my 2 year old wanted the house to be pink & yellow stripes, so she was kinda disappointed; -1 for that. 5 stars.”

Thanks for the thoughtful review, Brendan. Sorry we couldn’t please everybody at home, there, and bag that elusive 6-star review. Hopefully, Cedartone will still be in business when your daughter has her own home to paint pink and yellow.

We look forward to living up to the expectations you guys have set for us. If you need painting, drywall, or small scale carpentry repairs, don’t hesitate to call.

You can reach Garret at 763.318.6193 or fill out a contact form here to get in touch with Cedartone Painting.

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