Frequently asked questions

What sheen do we normally recommend for interior paint?

If the walls are in high-traffic areas, we recommend egg-shell, because it’s easier to clean things likegrease and hand prints off it.

In some low-traffic areas, you can get away with flat paint. These include commercial/professional settings like offices and residences without children.

What sheen do we normally recommend for exterior paint?

Currently, it seems like flat and satin paint are the most popular for exterior. These are good choices for exterior because they hide imperfections well, and exterior siding tends to be (1) rougher material, and 2) weather worn.

What brands of paint do we use?

The brands of paint we usually use are Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr. We have history with these brands and have found them to be reliable products that provide our customers with long-term value in terms of durability, quality and price.

Do we provide the paint for the project?

Cedartone will source and procure the paint. Material expense is built into the estimate. We choose our products based on what gives our customers the best value, which is why we use the products mentioned above.

What is our exterior/interior painting process?

1. Clean: pressure wash for exteriors, scrub for interiors

2. Prep: scrape loose/bubbling paint, sand smooth, patch/fill any holes in the surface

3. Caulk

4. Mask

5. Paint

6. Cleanup

How long will the painting project take?

We can’t definitively say without seeing the job. However, we can assure you that our schedules on jobs are usually accurate to within a day, barring delays and setbacks.

This article covers all of the factors that affect the length of an exterior job. You can schedule a time to get a more precise estimate by contacting us here.

Cedartone Painting is based in Rockford, MN, and services commercial and residential properties across the entire Twin Cities Metropolitan area and surroundings cities. We specialize in managed properties, such as multifamily structures.

How long will it take to paint my exterior?

We wish we could give you a good estimate on the length of your repainting project, based on square footage alone. That would be convenient for everybody, but there are a few other factors to consider, such as:

Height of the building

A single story building will be faster to paint than a multi-level building with the same square footage total of siding. On tall buildings, a large chunk of the work will need to be done from ladders, lifts or scaffolding.

Terrain/access around the building

Using ladders/lifts/scaffolding will be trickier and more time consuming if the yard is hilly, muddy, or has lots of trees and bushes. Multifamily buildings are often more accessible, with parking lots, sidewalks and flat areas around them. Private homes, on the other hand, often come with large gardens and hills. This might slow us down a bit.

Number and size of windows

The windows and trim will need to be masked off. More windows = more time masking.

Condition of the current paint

A big part of the job is prep. If the existing paint has a lot of peeling, there will be a lot more prep: scraping, sanding, washing. For the new paint to adhere, the surface needs to be free of peeling and blisters.

On that note, it’s wise to get your siding repainted before you paint gets into a dilapidated state. Pushing it off another year can cost you money in the long run — and make the project take longer.

The exterior painting process

1. First, we power wash the exterior. This needs a dry time of 24 hours, or until wood has 13% or less moisture content.

2. Once the wood is dry, we proceed with prep: caulk the seams and any cracks in the siding/trim, fill any holes with MH wood putty, scrape loose and peeling paint, sand siding and trim, and prime any exposed wood.

3. Before applying fresh paint, we have to mask: poly and tape goes on any windows and surfaces that need to be protected from paint.

4. Finally, we spray and back roll with two coats of paint.

5. Before leaving, we strip the masking and clean up the work area.

As you can see, even a small job can take three days to a week: one day for power washing, another day for prep. Then, if prep is minimal, we might get masking done in the same day. But depending on the prep needed and the building size/height, prep could take multiple days by itself. Then, we’ll have to mask.

So expect at least three to four days for any exterior job, but it could be a few days longer. This is what it takes to do the job right, to make sure your paint looks attractive and neat, and to make sure your paint lasts as long it’s intended to.

Due to size (height and square footage), large commercial jobs like multifamily buildings will take more time. However, because we are familiar with these jobs and they are somewhat repetitive and accessible, the work can go quickly. Managed properties are our specialty, and it’s where we can provide the greatest value to our customers.

To get an exact estimate on your townhouse or multifamily building, you can call us at 763. 318.6193or by filling out one of our contact forms.

A special thank you to all of our customers who have taken the time to leave us a review

The best way to sustain a profitable service business is with ongoing relationships. Having loyal customers is as valuable tousas having a reliable contractor is to you

.Nothing is more helpful to our business than a thoughtful recommendation — whether its by word-of-mouth or online — from a client.

So we strive to consistently provide the best value we can. There’s the obvious parts of this, like quality, punctuality, and charging a fair price.

Levi S: The crew does an excellent job of making sure things are done right, and leaves a beautiful finish. Very knowledgeable, professional, reasonably priced, and easy to work with.

Thanks, Levi.

Providing value to our customers is a simple proposition. It’s just attention to detail, using quality materials, and putting in a good day’s hard work. And it’s rewarding to know when our customers have noticed the things we work hard to do for them.

Mike Pahl: “Fast, efficient, and very easy to work with. I recommend them to anyone! They did a great job and are always responsive.”

Brian Gaudreau: “Jack and his crew were on time, professional, and exceeded our expectations in every way. In my opinion they went above and beyond what my wife and I had expected. I truly great experience. Thank you!”

Thank you for the work, Mike and Brian.

We want to give our clients more than just quality work, though. There’s the whole experience to think about, from the customer’s perspective. Our crews do their best to overlook nothing, and are always respectful toward you and your property.

Gerald LaBau: “Did an awesome job sealing our 25 year old 2 story log home. The work was done while we were away on vacation and if wasn’t for the shiny new exterior we wouldn’t have known they were even there. Completely cleaned up left no footprint behind. Will definitely hire them back and recommend to others. The house looks great!”

Sandy Daly: “I own a triplex on Nicollet Island and Cedar Tone Painting did an incredible job at a great price. The team was so professional, efficient and respectful. Thank you, Justin and Jordan for your hard work, skill and great sense of humor. I highly recommend this company! My house looks so beautiful!”

Glad you guys are satisfied. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience! And finally, here’s another special thank you to all of you who have put us to work on multiple occasions. Your loyalty is something we’ve worked hard for.

Jeff Schopttmuller: “I have been doing business with Garrett at Cedar Tone Painting for the last couple of years. Quality work for a fair price.”

Dave Knecht: “We hired Cedar Tone for exterior, deck, and interior painting for an older home we were renovating. We asked them to come back for some detail work and clean up… and they did. Afterwards we hired them to repaint exterior on another house and deck on another. We were happy with the work, and found them to be punctual, professional, and responsive.”

We’ve noticed every review our customers have left us, and appreciate them all. Sadly, we can’t include them all in the scope of this blog. We’ll just include one last one. The rest of the reviews can be seen on Google, here

Brendan Dolan: “Why 5 stars: 3 Stars is my baseline for doing a fine job on time at the agreed upon price. These guys did that and:

+1 for a more thorough surface prep (compared to previous company) which led to better results

+1 easier than expected e-mail communication

+1 for price being at the low end of the range of estimates I collected through home advisor.

What? That’s 6 and Google only goes to 5? Well, my 2 year old wanted the house to be pink & yellow stripes, so she was kinda disappointed; -1 for that. 5 stars.”

Thanks for the thoughtful review, Brendan. Sorry we couldn’t please everybody at home, there, and bag that elusive 6-star review. Hopefully, Cedartone will still be in business when your daughter has her own home to paint pink and yellow.

We look forward to living up to the expectations you guys have set for us. If you need painting, drywall, or small scale carpentry repairs, don’t hesitate to call.

You can reach Garret at 763.318.6193 or fill out a contact form here to get in touch with Cedartone Painting.

One easy way for property management companies to lighten their load

To save time, money and headache for yourself, you can hire a company that is built specifically to lighten your load — one that specializes in serving the needs of property management companies.

Save time

Expect less time spent coordinating between contractors, and just less of your time and involvement in general. Cedartone is dedicated to understanding your needs out of the gate and moving to serve them efficiently and professionally, so you can enjoy turning your attention towards other things that need it.

Consolidate your needs

If you’re not working with a “turnkey” contractor that can handle most (if not all) of your needs at once, you’re probably facing more headache, hassle and stress than you need to. We’re here to consolidate the different aspects of maintenance, builds, and turnovers, all to free up some of your time.

Delegate with confidence

Of course, having your hands free isn’t quite enough. You need to have your mind free, as well. You need reassurance that your jobs are going to be done properly. Cedartone’s bread-and-butter is the kind of ongoing work we get from strong relationships, which are based in trust.

We want to be the contractor that you can put on the job and confidently say okay, I don’t need to think about this one unless they call me. Trust, of course, comes from actually delivering results. For more on our track record,

–see our portfolio here, or —call us with questions at 763.318.6193.

What can Cedartone do for you?

Let’s say you have a pipe burst in one of your units and water damage has completely destroyed the sheet rock on an entire wall. The job will require you to:

1.Remove the trim and baseboard, and then re-install at the end of the job. The trim might also need a touch-up on woodfiller and paint.

2.Demo the drywall.

3.Install new drywall.

4.Mud & tape.

5.Texture to match the existing walls in the unit.

6. Match the color and finish of the paint properly, so it all blends nicely.

How many phone calls would you have to make to get all the various tasks handled? How confident are you that every task will be done right, and on time, without causing delays to the next step?

Or, let’s say you have a few units with decks that were installed about 5 years ago, and the boards are already weathered and worn to the point of making you nervous: Now, you’ve got to get the boards replaced, and it seems like they certainly should have lasted longer. Did the installer use the wrong stain? Or did they apply the stain incorrectly?

To fix the problem, you could hire a carpenter who dabbles in stain, or you could hire two different contractors to handle the carpentry and staining, or you can hire one contractor who can replace the boards and railings and is an expert in all things stain, so you know you’ll get maximum life from your new deck.

There’s a big need for the third choice. That’s why Cedartone exists. To find out how we can help your property management company run more efficiently and get spaces turned over faster without compromising quality, call Garrett at 763.318.6193 or fill out a contact form here.