What sheen do we normally recommend for interior paint?

If the walls are in high-traffic areas, we recommend egg-shell, because it’s easier to clean things likegrease and hand prints off it.

In some low-traffic areas, you can get away with flat paint. These include commercial/professional settings like offices and residences without children.

What sheen do we normally recommend for exterior paint?

Currently, it seems like flat and satin paint are the most popular for exterior. These are good choices for exterior because they hide imperfections well, and exterior siding tends to be (1) rougher material, and 2) weather worn.

What brands of paint do we use?

The brands of paint we usually use are Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr. We have history with these brands and have found them to be reliable products that provide our customers with long-term value in terms of durability, quality and price.

Do we provide the paint for the project?

Cedartone will source and procure the paint. Material expense is built into the estimate. We choose our products based on what gives our customers the best value, which is why we use the products mentioned above.

What is our exterior/interior painting process?

1. Clean: pressure wash for exteriors, scrub for interiors

2. Prep: scrape loose/bubbling paint, sand smooth, patch/fill any holes in the surface

3. Caulk

4. Mask

5. Paint

6. Cleanup

How long will the painting project take?

We can’t definitively say without seeing the job. However, we can assure you that our schedules on jobs are usually accurate to within a day, barring delays and setbacks.

This article covers all of the factors that affect the length of an exterior job. You can schedule a time to get a more precise estimate by contacting us here.

Cedartone Painting is based in Rockford, MN, and services commercial and residential properties across the entire Twin Cities Metropolitan area and surroundings cities. We specialize in managed properties, such as multifamily structures.

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