We wish we could give you a good estimate on the length of your repainting project, based on square footage alone. That would be convenient for everybody, but there are a few other factors to consider, such as:

Height of the building

A single story building will be faster to paint than a multi-level building with the same square footage total of siding. On tall buildings, a large chunk of the work will need to be done from ladders, lifts or scaffolding.

Terrain/access around the building

Using ladders/lifts/scaffolding will be trickier and more time consuming if the yard is hilly, muddy, or has lots of trees and bushes. Multifamily buildings are often more accessible, with parking lots, sidewalks and flat areas around them. Private homes, on the other hand, often come with large gardens and hills. This might slow us down a bit.

Number and size of windows

The windows and trim will need to be masked off. More windows = more time masking.

Condition of the current paint

A big part of the job is prep. If the existing paint has a lot of peeling, there will be a lot more prep: scraping, sanding, washing. For the new paint to adhere, the surface needs to be free of peeling and blisters.

On that note, it’s wise to get your siding repainted before you paint gets into a dilapidated state. Pushing it off another year can cost you money in the long run — and make the project take longer.

The exterior painting process

1. First, we power wash the exterior. This needs a dry time of 24 hours, or until wood has 13% or less moisture content.

2. Once the wood is dry, we proceed with prep: caulk the seams and any cracks in the siding/trim, fill any holes with MH wood putty, scrape loose and peeling paint, sand siding and trim, and prime any exposed wood.

3. Before applying fresh paint, we have to mask: poly and tape goes on any windows and surfaces that need to be protected from paint.

4. Finally, we spray and back roll with two coats of paint.

5. Before leaving, we strip the masking and clean up the work area.

As you can see, even a small job can take three days to a week: one day for power washing, another day for prep. Then, if prep is minimal, we might get masking done in the same day. But depending on the prep needed and the building size/height, prep could take multiple days by itself. Then, we’ll have to mask.

So expect at least three to four days for any exterior job, but it could be a few days longer. This is what it takes to do the job right, to make sure your paint looks attractive and neat, and to make sure your paint lasts as long it’s intended to.

Due to size (height and square footage), large commercial jobs like multifamily buildings will take more time. However, because we are familiar with these jobs and they are somewhat repetitive and accessible, the work can go quickly. Managed properties are our specialty, and it’s where we can provide the greatest value to our customers.

To get an exact estimate on your townhouse or multifamily building, you can call us at 763. 318.6193or by filling out one of our contact forms.

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