The best part of the year for exterior painting is behind us at we move into fall. If you want to paint your exterior this year, there’s still a window of time you might be able to squeeze it into. If you’re not ready to move quickly, though, you can always turn your attention toward interior painting projects.

One good area to focus on during the less friendly months of the year is your kitchen. With the weather cooling off, you’re going to be spending more time inside, and the kitchen is the most important room in the house.

Its also the one with the most opportunities for upgrades: appliances, flooring, counter tops, trim, crown molding, lighting, and, of course, cabinets.

A refreshed kitchen will give your whole house a new feel. The best part is, there’s a whole handful of manageable and affordable projects you can do to change up your kitchen, without remodeling thewhole thing.

A new coat of paint, for instance, can make your kitchen feel new again. But you might feel the effect even more if you choose to paint your cabinets.

If you’re tired of your cabinets, or they’re starting to look outdated, you might squeeze a few more years out of them by giving them a new coat. The right color of enamel can give them a modern look and serve as a face lift for the whole kitchen. If you’ve got wood grain cabinets, re-staining can freshen them up and give your kitchen a bold, polished look. Couple that with some modern cabinet hardware and you’ve got a relatively cheap project that will make your kitchen fun again this winter.

Quality cabinet painting in the Twin Cities area

With the window closing on the exterior painting season, we’re gearing up to focus on cabinets for the next few months. Here’s what you can expect from Cedartone Painting:

-a contractor who will respect your living space and your time by staying organized and getting the work done on schedule

-communication and transparency

-quality materials, quality equipment, and attention to detail

If you’re looking for a Minnesota painting contractor that can get in, get your painting project done right the first time, and get out on schedule, you can contact Cedartone Painting via our contact form

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