To save time, money and headache for yourself, you can hire a company that is built specifically to lighten your load — one that specializes in serving the needs of property management companies.

Save time

Expect less time spent coordinating between contractors, and just less of your time and involvement in general. Cedartone is dedicated to understanding your needs out of the gate and moving to serve them efficiently and professionally, so you can enjoy turning your attention towards other things that need it.

Consolidate your needs

If you’re not working with a “turnkey” contractor that can handle most (if not all) of your needs at once, you’re probably facing more headache, hassle and stress than you need to. We’re here to consolidate the different aspects of maintenance, builds, and turnovers, all to free up some of your time.

Delegate with confidence

Of course, having your hands free isn’t quite enough. You need to have your mind free, as well. You need reassurance that your jobs are going to be done properly. Cedartone’s bread-and-butter is the kind of ongoing work we get from strong relationships, which are based in trust.

We want to be the contractor that you can put on the job and confidently say okay, I don’t need to think about this one unless they call me. Trust, of course, comes from actually delivering results. For more on our track record,

–see our portfolio here, or —call us with questions at 763.318.6193.

What can Cedartone do for you?

Let’s say you have a pipe burst in one of your units and water damage has completely destroyed the sheet rock on an entire wall. The job will require you to:

1.Remove the trim and baseboard, and then re-install at the end of the job. The trim might also need a touch-up on woodfiller and paint.

2.Demo the drywall.

3.Install new drywall.

4.Mud & tape.

5.Texture to match the existing walls in the unit.

6. Match the color and finish of the paint properly, so it all blends nicely.

How many phone calls would you have to make to get all the various tasks handled? How confident are you that every task will be done right, and on time, without causing delays to the next step?

Or, let’s say you have a few units with decks that were installed about 5 years ago, and the boards are already weathered and worn to the point of making you nervous: Now, you’ve got to get the boards replaced, and it seems like they certainly should have lasted longer. Did the installer use the wrong stain? Or did they apply the stain incorrectly?

To fix the problem, you could hire a carpenter who dabbles in stain, or you could hire two different contractors to handle the carpentry and staining, or you can hire one contractor who can replace the boards and railings and is an expert in all things stain, so you know you’ll get maximum life from your new deck.

There’s a big need for the third choice. That’s why Cedartone exists. To find out how we can help your property management company run more efficiently and get spaces turned over faster without compromising quality, call Garrett at 763.318.6193 or fill out a contact form here.

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